Integrating Resources and Oil & Gas Manufacturing Operations

Improving what you already have makes integration primed for movement right now. Streamlining your existing environment, accessing the right data, getting your systems talking to each other can allow businesses to make significant progress, solve relevant business problems and bring enormous value. In the current environment, mining and Oil and Gas organisations are looking to drive standardisation initiatives to realise operational efficiencies and meet their production demand requirements.

Challenges we see


Remaining operational in an unprecedented landscape

Identifying where value lies in integration versus the cost of integration

Efficiencies in planning — knowing where to focus attention and efforts

Transparency and visibility in real time to make expedited decisions

Managing your supply chain with minimal resources

Accessing data quality — trusting data and reducing the risks and time associated with manual entry

How we can help


Rapid Delivery Approach

Our goal is to get to value quickly. We do this by delivering outcomes-based projects in an agile way — bringing operations and technology together to realise benefits at speed. We offer a range of engagement options depending on our client’s needs:

  • You can engage our service and we will devise a solution and deliver the outcome
  • You can work with us in a DevOps model, where customers provide a product owner to collaborate with us and provide an important conduit between us and the Business
  • A hybrid model in the case where a customer wants to go down the DevOps track but isn’t sure how to start. We can help them on the journey — delivering results and outcomes in sprints for real time value. We provide a SCRUM master to coach the customer along the way

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Domain expertise

Our high performing teams — with the depth, specialties and broadness of skills — have members with an average of 9 years in the refinery and mining domain so our team knows how to talk to everyone in our client’s organisation — an operator, a scaffolder, the superintendent — and our ability to communicate up and down in the organisation gives us the ability to navigate to the true problem to engage quickly and deliver outcomes.

Technical Design & Knowledge

We use API led design. Making accessing the underlying data frictionless and highly re-usable for different sites and systems through our CICD approach, means we can deliver value right through production in sprints. In the integration space, we work with the following applications and business systems:

  • Integration software such as Mulesoft
  • Shutdown software such as Prometheus Groups ‘Roser suite®
  • ERP systems such as SAP
  • Scheduling systems such as Oracle Primavera (P6)
  • CMMS software such as IBM Maximo
  • Project Portfolio Management tools such as Oracle Primavera (P6), Ecosys and Nostra PPM Data Historians such OSIsoft PI and Yokogowa

Data Quality and Integrity

We use our domain knowledge and match it to data structure and organisational toolsets to transform and cleanse data. Our team knows exactly what the data is supposed to look like, so we can not only provide the development side of integrations, but we can also assist with cleaning the source data.

 “When you get your systems integrated and singing, you can create all kinds of efficiencies to take advantage of existing assets and this brings efficiencies in all operations - turnarounds, planning, data quality for use in strategic planning and management of labour costs.”

 “Denver provides a ‘follow the sun’ model and has embedded themselves in our organisation to deliver the highest quality outcomes. They deliver their work in a DevOps service (development and service) so anything they build, they support.”

“Delivering our digital execution at speed has meant we have been able to see the benefits of integration in real time”

Business areas we support


Processes – (IT/OT)

We have a track record of success in process re-engineering, reporting, integration, change management and other tasks needed to embed solutions into the business and achieve its goals.

Maintenance & Shutdowns/Turnarounds

Integrating business critical systems across the organisation is key to achieving improved turnaround times and data-aligning technology platforms for iterative and repeatable processes. This assists in creating a seamless data architecture to support turnaround activities

Asset Management

Integrating key Asset Management toolsets (SAP, IBM Maximo etc) with transactional data from historians (OSIsoft PI, Yokogowa etc) to realise the asset management strategy for event driven maintenance.


Utilising modern API lead architecture to enable productivity gains for operational business processes.

Finance, Procurement & Projects

By Integrating systems, and project data including schedules and project updates, we can help you resolve accounting, purchase-to-pay, warehouse optimisation and other important tasks efficiently.


Optimisation via innovative technologies, such as integrating mobile technologies to connect multiple end points and share organisational data can further enrich data, collaboration and efficiencies.

Why Denver?

We Know How To Execute Strategy

We don’t just talk digital automation, we execute on strategy due to our extensive domain expertise at the operational level.
We Have Domain Knowledge

Our team (analysts, project managers, SCRUM masters and data people) can derive to value quickly.
We Deliver Outcome Based Results

Our team are used to delivering outcomes-based projects in an agile way.
We Utilise DevOps to Deliver Value

Utilising a DevOps model, we deliver rapid results and outcomes in quick sharp sprints for real time value.
We Use Mulesoft for API Led Design

We use API led design. Making accessing the underlying data frictionless and highly re-usable.
We Have Teams That are Ready to Go

We have set Australian based teams that know how to WORK REMOTELY to get things done.