Delivering the benefits of IT and OT integration

As operational and IT environments are digitally transformed, they become more connected – providing the potential for efficiencies such as greater visibility, reduced costs, improved up-times and access to real time operational data for faster, better-informed decision-making opportunities.  

With more connections, business risk increases. In the resources and oil and gas industries, OT downtime or outages affect supply chains. The challenge of achieving security and interoperability without disrupting critical services are major concerns for mining and oil and gas organisations.

Challenges We See

The disparate worlds of IT and OT means technical compatibility, security, team skills and culture are very different, making the convergence of the two silos difficult.  

Strategy to Execution

Converging IT and OT is more than just modernising technology. Companies are struggling to embrace the changes required to move from strategy to execution. In particular, businesses in the resources sector are wanting to take advantage of the efficiency gains that come from greater integration between OT and IT systems and automation, but ensure it is done in a way that is safe, secure and compliant with regulations. 

Business Risk

Industrial networks were not originally designed to be connected to the internet and security was often not considered during development and design. Key challenges include: 

  • Knowing what the risks are and gaining total visibility of assets to know exactly what needs protecting and why.
  • Establishing security policies, standards and governance that are specific to their business and industry needs.
  • Defining and creating appropriate response plans in the event of a cyber attack or network compromise.
  • Ensuring that there is no loss of control in automated process environments.


Securing integrated IT and OT environments from both inside and outside (intentional or non intentional) threats is a challenge. Safeguarding environments is paramount to mining and oil and gas; their people, infrastructure and operations, the environment, and their reputation depend on it.  


Companies need to ensure that processes and technology implementation are not only compliant but go beyond the safety standards laid out by regulatory authorities. 

Team Skills

Many organisations and their IT and OT teams are at the beginning of the security journey and often seek the services of an outside provider.  


Integrating the disparate worlds of IT and OT can be challenging. Core to a successful integration program is one that is strategy led and results in the alignment of technology platforms that allow for iterative and repeatable processes. Organisations are seeking to integrate systems across all their operations to support growth and future relevance across their value chain. 

Asset Visibility

Getting a current state of assets across an organisation is often disparate with no overarching process control. This makes visibility and future planning for end of life devices difficult as asset registers give little insight into redundancy and forecasting requirements. 

How we can help? 

Denver has a history of delivering successful OT and IT outcomes for our resource and oil and gas clients. These projects, including cyber-security, PCN, integration and architectural strategy have allowed for the delivery of high performance, high functioning infrastructure and operations for our oil and gas and mining clients. 


Our consulting services are designed to uncover the right approach for the desired business outcome. Our consulting includes: 

  • Business Analysis and Change Consulting
  • OT Network Architecture Consulting
  • OT Cyber Security Consulting
  • OT Cyber Security Strategy and Risk  Assessments
  • IT and OT Asset Management 
  • Enterprise Asset Management Review


We know from experience that Operational and IT network integration works for the companies who are up for it – those that look to the desired outcome, embrace organisational and technology options and commit fully to execution.   

Our Approach 

We are results driven and believe that organisations need to embrace the right technology and approach when executing transformation programs. Our team is highly versed in the world of operational networks and their integration into business systems. We bring this experience to our clients and combine our knowledge with our strategy led thinking as we integrate our team with yours and deliver real-time value to your business.

View how Denver approached New Ways of Working with our clients. 

“Denver helped us to identify the IT and OT opportunities with the greatest business impact. They are easy to work with, flexible and approachable and have brought great value to enabling our business." Reece, ATOM 


Our People

Our team knows refining and mining environments and we understand the intricacies of manufacturing operations. 

Our team are specialists in project management, industrial environments, assets architecture and technical solutions.  

We are experienced in delivering projects globally: North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia and are comfortable blending on-ground and remote resourcing/delivery models.  

We have delivered 1000's of business projects into mining and refining environments.