Shutdown Automation

How resource companies can optimise shutdown productivity.


Optimising shutdown productivity and maximising value from maintenance and operations.

In this Denver & Austmine hosted webinar, we explore Shutdown Automation and talk through real work examples to help organisations identify improvement opportunities for their next shutdown.

Watch the webinar HERE


The webinar slides are also available for download HERE

In this presentation, Simon walked through Shutdown Automation in the resources sector, and focused on key stages:

  • Shutdown planning and scoping
  • Work prep and execution and
  • Completions & feedback loops

Stepping through each of these phases, Simon brings in industry IP along with reusable automation assets to identify how a business' shutdown risk profile can be reliably reduced and shutdown productivity can increase. Speaking from hands-on experience across a global scale, Denver's presentation gives completed examples of automation within the shutdown process and how it has been extended further into maintenance and operations to maximise its value.

What is covered:

  • Why automate shutdowns?
  • Key areas of automation
  • Automating shutdowns including real world examples
  • Common improvement opportunities
  • Q&A